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Adult Habilitation Programs are non-work alternatives for individuals choosing to pursue social, leisure and recreational activities that enhance their quality of life. Individuals spend their days participating in activities of interest and personal benefit. Services are offered through our Vocational Guidance Center (VGC) and Broadening Abilities (BA) program areas and foster skill development, community membership, independence, personal choice and social connections.

All individuals have an Individual Plan (IP) to determine the scope of services to best meet their needs and goals.

Eligible individuals are adults over the age 16 years determined to have a developmental disability using the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI) who live in Lake County. Referrals must be made to the Service and Support Administration (SSA) office of the County Board.

Services provided include:

  • Assessment of needs from an Individual Planning (IP) team, who will also drive goals and services.
  • Habilitation services to increase both personal care and adaptive living skills.
  • Navigation of technology and engagement in learning activities.
  • Engagement and integration with others in our community.
  • Participation in volunteer opportunities to enrich and support the community where we live.

For more information, call 440-350-5100 or email

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