Adult Services

Adult Services focus on advancing vocational, social, leisure and independent living skills to help individuals with developmental disabilities live fulfilling lives. Our goal is to provide adults with developmental disabilities with the skills, experiences and choices they need to attain vibrant lives and employment. To do so, we offer a variety of programs:

  • ADULT HABILITATION PROGRAMS are non-work alternatives for individuals choosing to pursue social, leisure and recreational activities that enhance their quality of life. Individuals spend their days participating in activities of interest and personal benefit. Services are offered through our Vocational Guidance Center (VGC) and Broadening Abilities (BA) program areas and foster skill development, community membership, independence, personal choice and social connections.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMS are accessed through a variety of ways; employment is made possible though a partnership with Deepwood Industries.

– Josef and Christine Roman (JCR) Imagine offers community-based individualized supports for habilitation, vocational and community opportunities for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

– Willoughby Branch offers vocational training to develop work skills and a path to community employment.

– Community Employment Services (CES) offers employment and training for adults with developmental disabilities who are seeking paid employment in community businesses.

Vocational Guidance Center and Broadening Abilities

Lake County Board of DD/Deepwood Vocational Guidance Center and Broadening Abilities are one of three Adult Services Program offered by the County Board. Adult Day Support also known as Adult Day Habilitation is a work alternative for thosechosing to pursue social, leisure and recreational activities that enhance their quality of life. Individuals spend their days involved in activities of interest and personal benefit.

  • Individuals participate in active treatment to develop and enhance social, leisure, and community skills, as pursuant to their individualized person-centered plan.
  • Individuals achieve their maximum level of function emotionally, adaptively and physically
  • Individuals navigate technology and engage in learning activities by using I-pads, computers and smart boards
  • Individuals participate in volunteer opportunities to enrich and support the community where we live

Jackie Sheridan- Day Program Director

Broadening Abilities News Letter

Willoughby Branch

The Willoughby branch of the Lake County Board of DD/ Deepwood is a community vocational placement option for adults with developmental disabilities who choose to work. Our goal is to improve work skills as well as further develop work interests, experiences and community involvement.

  • There are approximately 190 individuals who receive work services at the Willoughby Branch.
  • Individuals either work or work training services in accordance with their person centered plans.
  • All individuals are employees of Deepwood Industries and receive payment for work completed.
  • In 2015 Willoughby Branch was awarded 50+ employer contracts totaling over $200,000.00 in sales.
  • Work exposure and experiences are also provided in the community by Community Integration Professionals and support staff.
  • Individuals may also choose to participate in various volunteer experiences such as food banks, libraries and council on aging.
  • Individuals may also develop new interests by exploring a variety of groups, clubs and services. Examples include book club, Chinese club, computer literacy group, music therapy, masseuse services, star wars fan club, etc.

Katie Huth-Director
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Willoughby Word Second Quarter 2019

Developmentally Disabled Individuals Work – Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services (CES) provides employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in community based settings throughout Lake County. CES serves over 80 individuals in both staff supervised (Group Employment) as well as company supervised (Individual Employment) settings. Our goal is to provide individuals with the skills and abilities necessary to attain community based employment as well as grow in integrated community work settings.

  • Group Employment settings (11 across Lake County in which Job Coaches provide consistent supervision for individuals at the community-based locations)
  • Individual Employment settings (over 35 employers that are the actual employers of the individuals and who receive periodic supervision from a Job Coach)
  • Employer Relationships (to provide employers with a quality workforce). We want employers to know that hiring individuals with developmental disabilities is good for their “bottom-line”.
  • Individuals receive hands-on/real world training designed to enhance their employ-ability.
  • Employment First – nationwide initiative intended to employ individuals with developmentally disabled individuals in integrated community settings.

Bob Fratino-Director
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JRC Imagine

The Imagine Program focuses on supporting adults with Autism in building meaningful lives. At The Imagine Program individuals are learning skills that will prepare them for meaningful employment, as well as the daily living skills needed to lead well-rounded and fulfilling lives.

  • The staff of the Imagine Program all have experience and training in working with individuals with Autism, including a Speech and Language Pathologist who is able to focus on increasing communication and social skills for all individuals served.
  • All individuals are employees of Deepwood Industries and earn paychecks, while also exploring a variety of  additional employment opportunities.
  • In addition to employment training opportunities, individuals continue to develop skills in the areas of academics, daily living and domestic skills, and computer and technology training skills.
  • All Imagine Program participants continue to receive individualized care and support to assist them in building the skills necessary to enhance their life.

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Rachael Urbanek- Manager

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