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Community Employment Services (CES) offers training and employment opportunities for adults who have developmental disabilities. The goal is to provide the skills and abilities necessary for the individuals served through the County Board to attain integrated, community employment through hands-on, community-based training designed to enhance employability in one of two settings:

  • Group employment settings: Community-based locations in which County Board Job Coaches provide consistent supervision for individuals.
  • Individual employment settings: Community-based locations in which the employer supervises the individual, with periodic supervision from a County Board Job Coach.

To ensure a good outcome for both the program participant and the community employer, the following steps are taken:

  • Job development services are provided to discern the person’s interests and work needs.
  • Placement services are provided to ensure individuals are in a job best suited to their ability.
  • Job coaching is provided at the jobsite to assist the person in learning the job and ensure continued success.
  • Additional training is offered on a variety of topics related to successful employment.

CES spends time building relationships with local employers to raise awareness that hiring individuals with developmental disabilities is good for their business and brings quality talent into their organization.

Eligible individuals must be over the age of 16 years, live in Lake County, and determined to have a developmental disability to be eligible for County Board services. The ability to participate in CES is determined by both vocational and work skill assessments completed by CES staff.

Individuals in this program must be able to tend to their personal needs while at work and possess the ability to communicate with their employer, co-workers and the public. Individuals should also be able to travel about the worksite independently and function appropriately in the work setting.

Participating individuals are employees of Deepwood Industries and receive payment for work completed.

For more information, call 440-918-1050 or visit

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