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What types of documentation do I need to keep?

Each service has its own documentation requirements which can be found within the rule for the service. The rules are found on the DODD website here. More information about documentation can be found here.

As an independent provider, who is my employer and how do I get paid?

Independent providers are not employed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities or the local county board of DD, you are considered self-employed. It is your responsibility to bill DODD directly for any services you provide. No taxes are taken from your pay. You need to make arrangements to pay taxes (local, state, federal, social security) on any income you receive as an independent provider.

As a provider, will I need to pass medications or do any health-related activities?

If the individual you are providing services to requires assistance with medication, you must be certified for Medication Administration through DODD. Medication Administration Training at minimum requires an initial 14 hour class and you must be re-certified annually. There are different categories of Medication Administration for different medication administration tasks.

I received a notice that I will be having a Provider Compliance Review. Can you tell me what is involved in that?

Every provider will have a compliance review done at least once during every certification span. Compliance reviews are designed to ensure that providers are meeting the standards they agreed to when becoming a provider. You will be asked to show your records, which includes your documentation, training, and incident reporting information. This process will allow you to correct any areas that need improvement. A special compliance review can be completed at any time if there is a concern or complaint regarding a provider.

What do I need to do if I think something has happened to an individual with developmental disabilities that needs to be reported?

To report anything that has happened to an individual with developmental disabilities, complete an unusual incident report form. That information can be found here.

What training are providers required to have once they are certified and where can I go for training?

All providers must meet the annual training requirements outlined in the Provider Certification Rule (5123:2-2-01) as well as any additional training requirements outlined in the rule(s) for any services they are certified to provide. Provider Certification Rule requires providers have CPR/First Aid and the following topics; Rights, MUI and the Provider’s role and responsibility with regard to services including person centered planning, community integration, self-determination and self-advocacy.  Providers must ensure that they are completing all the training required of them.

LCBDD offers provider training in both the required annual topics (as outlined in the Provider Certification Rule) and CPR/First Aid.  Registration is required. More information here.

How do I get paid for the services I provide?

Services are billed directly to DODD. You must have documentation as evidence of services being provided before you bill for them. The DODD website does have information regarding billing.  You can also contact the county board where you are working to see if they have training/support available. More information about billing can be found here.

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