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Is there a need for Providers in Lake County?

We are always looking for good, qualified Providers. Individuals have free choice of Provider and are able to choose any Provider that they want to provide their services. That means we cannot accurately estimate the number of Providers who will be working at any time. There is no guarantee that as a certified Provider you will be chosen to provide services.

What does Free Choice of Provider mean?

Individuals have the right to choose who they want to provide their services. Services must be provided by a certified Provider. Individuals are able to mix and match services and Providers, so they may choose one or several Providers, and can choose to use Independent and/or Agency Providers.  The individual’s SSA can assist the individual with the provider selection process however the SSA/county board staff CANNOT select or recommend a Provider for an individual.

Someone told me I can get paid to care for my brother/sister or son/daughter who lives with me. Is this true?

It depends. If your sibling / child is eligible to receive services from a county board of developmental disabilities and has funding through a DODD waiver, you can get certified to provide services to them. The waiver the individual has will determine which service(s) you should become certified in. A Provider cannot provide services to their minor child. Contact the Provider Support Department with specific questions.

What type of things will I do as a Provider?

Providers do a variety of tasks which could include but is not limited to: light housekeeping, laundry, transportation, grocery shopping, accessing the community and assistance with personal care. The specific services you will provide an individual will be based on their needs and their service plan.

I own a large house that I would like to turn into a group home for individuals with DD. I would also like to be the Provider of services. What do I need to do? I want to start my own group home, what do I need to do?

In order to own the home and be the Provider of services, the home needs to be licensed. Ohio law limits the number of licensed beds that can exist throughout the state, and that capacity has been reached.  Therefore, starting a group home is not an option.  Your options would be to:

  • Be the owner/landlord of the residential setting and a Provider would come into the home and provide services
  • Become a certified agency Provider through DODD and provide services to individuals
  • Become a certified independent Provider through DODD and provide services to individuals

There are rules that govern what a provider can and cannot do in regards to owning a home and providing services in that home (Rule 5123:2-9-02 Ensuring the Suitability of Services and Service Settings). In addition to that, individuals also have Free Choice of Provider (Rule 5123:2-9-11).

I want to have individual(s) with developmental disabilities live in my home with me. How do I do that?

That service is called Shared Living. You would have to be a certified independent Provider through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities or work for an agency certified through the Department.  The individual would have to choose to live with you and also have an IO waiver.

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