JCDC Respite and Heisley Road Respite

Lake County Board of DD/Deepwood JCDC Respite and Heisley Respite Programs are one of the many services offered at Lake County Board. Respite Care is short-term care intended to provide temporary relief and aid to the Individual’s family in order to sustain the family structure and to meet planned or emergency needs of the family. Jacklitz Continuing Development Center (JCDC) Respite is housed on LCBDD’s campus in an Intermediate Care Facility setting.Services at JCDC Respite are available year round, holidays and weekends, as well as for hourly or daily use. Heisley Road Respite is community based and located in Mentor with four beds. Both JCDC Respite and Heisley Respite are Waiver Providers that offer support in a home-like setting and serve both children and adults with special needs.Respite services must be County Board eligible and provide:

  •  24 hour Nursing care and  direct care staff supervision trained in CPR and CPI.
  • Safe and secure home-like environment to ensure the safety and well-being , with welcoming home and yard amenities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Assistance in daily living skills and personal care.
  • Transportation to/from LCBDD’s day programs and Broadmoor school.
  • Engagement and integration of Individuals within the community. Individuals participate in skill building to maintain or enhance social and leisure skills and the ability to access the community for recreational activities.
  • Respite provides nutritious meals according to diet orders and Individuals participate in family style dining.

There is a referral and assessment process to ensures Individuals are appropriate for Respite Services.

Payment for Respite services can be by self-pay, Level 1 and IO Waivers or an alternative funding stream.Fees are charged to the families for respite care in accordance with the County Board’s Respite Procedure and must be paid in advance of the respite stay.

Respite Director
Angela Watson

Parents Time Away Program

This program offers in-home, short-term respite care, whether a few hours or overnight, to consumers with developmental disabilities residing in Lake County. When there is a need or desire for other household members to be away from home, the consumer can receive competent care and supervision from a trained or family-requested provider.