Community Recreation and Special Olympics

Opportunities to have fun!

Imagine hanging out with friends and enjoying what you like to do, whether playing a sport, making a craft, exploring the outdoors, riding a roller coaster, singing and dancing to tunes, or attending a game. Join us and have some fun! Check out our quarterly Community Recreation Brochure and register for the activities that interest you.

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The Community Recreation Department and Deepwood Special Olympics are always looking for individuals with a developmental disability to join the fun. The Community Recreation Department has fun-filled activities for county-board eligible individuals to sign up and engage in quarterly brochure activities, including:

  • going to the Cleveland Zoo
  • attending a play or sport’s game
  • painting your nails at spa day
  • participating at craft nights
  • touring covered bridges
  • singing Karaoke

Special Olympics:

If, you are 8 years old or older then you may be interested in joining Special Olympics to compete in 16 sports year round including:

  • basketball
  • bocce
  • bowling
  • cross-country skiing
  • cycling
  • downhill skiing
  • figure skating
  • modified soccer
  • modified volleyball
  • snow-boarding
  • softball
  • speed skating
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • track and field
  • unified golf
  • wheelchair events

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If interested contact the Community Recreation Department at:

1-440-918-5119 or 1-440-350-5119.