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Agency Providers are entities that directly employ at least one person in addition to their Director of Operations (DOO) for the purposes of providing services for which the entity must be certified.

To complete the certification process, Agency Providers will need to prepare and gather information about the DOO of the company and the business itself.  It is important to understand that when you are operating an agency; you must follow all applicable rules and laws for business operation; not only the rules outlined by DODD for service provision.

When you are ready to move forward with the certification process; you will need to review the following checklists and instructions to complete the process.

After you have gathered all of your documentation and completed all the required training, you are ready to submit your application for certification. These instructions show you how to navigate the DODD application for certification: Accessing and Using PSM.

Once your application has been submitted and your non-refundable application fee is paid, DODD will review your application. You will receive email updates as your application moves through the review process.

When you receive your certification, reach out to with your name and contract number so that you can be added to the Provider list and email distribution.

Anatoliy - Adult Services - T&D Fabricating
Charlie - Adult Services - Housekeeping
Doug - The Josef And Christine Roman (JCR) Imagine Program
Adult Services - Community Employment Services
Adult Services - Work Programs
Kourtaney Collins - Adult Services
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