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To express interest in a Request for Provider (RFP), please compete the RFP form and be sure to include your company name and any applicable information in the comments field. You will receive an email confirming that your RFP response was received. Click here for instructions on accessing and using the RFP Portal.

09068: 09068-EAA-Level One Waiver

Individual is in need of a ramp into home. He will be using a rollator walker to get in and out of home. The front steps at 4 high. Home previously had a ramp for deceased brother in law and ramp was steep and slippery. Family believes an aluminum ramp would potentially be best fit.

09067: 09067-NMT-Level One Waiver

Looking for NMT transportation to take to/from Hillcrest Hospital. Individual works Monday, Tuesday, Friday every other weekend, Wednesday and Thursdays rotate every week off.   

09066: 09066-HPC-IO Waiver

Individual is looking for a HPC provider to assist him in his family home and to take him on community outings while mother/provider are at work. Hours needed are Mondays and Tuesdays before (6:00am-8:15am) and after school (1:45pm-6pm). Need could be met by multiple providers.  

09065: 09065-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

Male, 55 years of age, seeking housing.

09064: 09064-EAA-IO Waiver

Home Modification/Shower/Walk-in

09063: 09063-HPC-Level One Waiver

Individual lives in Painesville. An HPC provider is needed to help with activities of daily living including hygiene tasks and some cleaning.  The HPC provider to take the individual on walks as well.

09062: 09062-HPC-Level One Waiver

This is a request for a 65-year old man seeking HPC services within his home for up to 20 hours per week.  The individual lives in Mentor. He is seeking services during the day to provide care within his home and out in the community when available.

09061: 09061-HPC-IO Waiver

This individual is looking for HPC staff to assist during the hours of 2:30-8 on the weekdays and then 1 day every other weekend while her main caregiver is at work, She lives at home with her mom in Willowick.

09060: 09060-NMT-Level One Waiver

This RFP is for two individuals, ages 33 and 24, who are looking for transportation to and from their home in Concord and day program in Mentor.  They will be attending 5 days per week, round trip is 18 miles.

09059: 09059-EAA-IO Waiver

Individual is seeking a Bedside Commode (Specialized Medical Equipment) to assist with toileting.  He has difficulty using a typical toilet and needs an accommodation in order to facilitate a more natural squatting position, per doctor order. 

09058: 09058-EAA-IO Waiver

Looking for a provider to do a bathroom modification for an individual living in Painesville, Ohio. 

09057: 09057-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

The individual currently lives in a 1-bedroom apartment in Willowick, OH and receives support with HPC staff.  He is able to be alone in his home with remote support 24 hours at a time, and checks in once a day at minimum, with the option to have staff come to work with him.  He is looking for temporary respite and is open to long-term housing.

09056: 09056-HPC-IO Waiver

HPC provider to take individual on community outings 3 to 4 times per week after 3:00pm.

09055: 09055-HPC-IO Waiver

An 8 year old male, who lives in Mentor, is seeking an HPC provider to assist with safety and developing skills within the home environment and community.  The individual is flexible with hours, but would primarily need HPC support on weekdays after school hours, but may also be available on weekends or on breaks from school.

09054: 09054-EAA-IO Waiver

The individual’s guardian is seeking an Environmental Accessibility Adaptation to increase safety in the home by replacing the windows in their home with plexi-glass or similar reinforced material, or install protective film.

09053: 09053-EAA-IO Waiver

The individual’s guardian is seeking an Environmental Accessibility Adaptation to increase safety in the home by adding industrial padding to the floor of the home to decrease the likelihood of injury when the individual throws his body against the surface.

09052: 09052-EAA-IO Waiver

The individual’s guardian is seeking an Environmental Accessibility Adaptation to increase safety in the home by adding padding to the walls of the individual’s bedroom in order to lessen likelihood of personal injury.

09051: 09051-EAA-IO Waiver

Individual is a 68 year old who lives in Madison and is seeking bathroom modifications. Individual who was recently referred to home therapy with a diagnosis of microcephaly and is now presenting weakness, impaired posture, impaired standing balance with an inability to transfer safely within in her bathroom from toilet to shower. Individual needs modifications for her toilet and shower modifications so she can perform this transfer safely and with independence.

09050: 09050-ADS-Level One Waiver

31 year old male individual looking for 10-20 hours/week day program with vocational work and community outings.  Individual would like to attend a day program part time that provides NMT.

09049: 09049-HPC-Level One Waiver

This person is a friendly 20 year old male with a good sense of humor. He resides with his parents in Mentor and works at Breckenridge Rehabilitation.  Would like to have a younger male staff to provide HPC and transportation.

09048: 09048-EAA-IO Waiver

Individual is in need of replacement of platform stair lift from main floor into basement.

09047: 09047-HPC-IO Waiver

Female individual is 43 years old and lives with her mother who is guardian and shared living provider.  Family is looking to end shared living services in October and have an agency provide 24/7 HPC services in her family home.  She is independent with mobility.

09046: 09046-HPC with Housing-Level One Waiver

Individual is seeking a congregate home placement in Lake or Geauga County.

09045: 09045-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

This individual is a 13-year-old residing with his family in Willoughby.  Due to concerns about his elopement behavior, his guardian would like to seek a congregate setting that can better manage his behavior.

09044: 09044-HPC Remote Support Back-IO Waiver

This individual is a 13-year-old residing with his family in Willoughby.  He also lives with his younger brother who also receives services and may share services, if applicable.  Due to scheduling challenges, the family is unable to schedule in-person staff on weekends, but would benefit from transportation to the community and/or supervision should unexpected needs occur.  They would like to set up Remote Supports with Paid Back-up (HPC) to operate during set weekend hours to assist with such needs.

09039: 09039-HPC with housing-IO Waiver

HPC in a congregate setting with an opening for a maximum of two individuals or an HPC provider able to assist to locate housing for a maximum of two individuals.

09043: 09043-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

43 year old male individual is looking for a 24/7 congregate waiver home in Lake County.

09042: 09042-Nursing-IO Waiver or State Plan

Looking for a nurse (RN or LPN) to provide nursing services to a 28 year old male living in Willoughby, Ohio.  He is witty and has a great personality/attitude.  He is very well liked by others and easy to get along with.  Individual uses a powered wheelchair to get around.  House currently has a supervising RN.

09041: 09041-EAA-IO-Waiver

Individual needs environmental modification to remove vanity style lights going around mirror from bathroom and replace with new lights out of reach. Modification is being done due to safety risk as individual has grabbed and broken lightbulbs and electrocuted self.

09040: 09040-HPC-IO Waiver

Individual, who lives in Willoughby, is a 15 year old male who is seeking HPC services after he gets out of school Monday through Friday and occasionally on the weekends.  He is seeking services from approximately 2-6pm Monday-Friday and approximately 4-6 hours on the weekends. 

09038: 09038-HPC-IO Waiver

This individual is a 61-year-old female who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Mentor. She is seeking HPC services to provide monitoring and verbal reminders with Adult Daily Living Skills, community outings, shopping for groceries and personal items, and assist with healthcare appointments. Hours are weekdays 3:30 to 7:00 or 7:30pm and 10:00am-2:00pm or 3:00pm-7:00pm weekends. Weekend times can be flexible.

09037: 09037-HPC-IO Waiver

Individual is a 17 year old male with autism.  He currently resides with his family in Madison, OH.  The family would like to find an HPC provider to provide between 25-50 hours/week, based on whether school is in session.  They are looking for help from 2:30pm-7:00pm, Monday-Friday and possibly on weekends or when the parents have events they would like to attend.  He would need assistance with general supervision, meal prep, light cleaning, and community access.

09036: 09036-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

This 37 year old female individual is looking for a congregate setting to live at with her sister. 

09035: 09035-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

36 year old female individual looking for a congregate setting that her and her sister can move into at the beginning of 2024.

09034: 09034-EAA-IO Waiver

Looking for an in home generator for medical equipment for an individual living in Painesville.

09033: 09033-HPC-IO Waiver

Looking for an HPC provider once a week on Saturday afternoon/evenings (1:00PM-9:00PM).  HPC provider would be for two laid back 27 year old twin siblings living in the same house in Painesville.  They require that the HPC staff  be certified to assist with medication administration.

09032: 09032-HPC-IO Waiver

This is a 42-year-old woman who is looking for HPC drop in services in her family home. She is looking for a friend who will take her bowling, karaoke and do fun things with her. She enjoys going to the library and finding movies, CD to rent.

09031: 09031-HPC-Level One Waiver

This individual is a 47 year old male who resides in Painesville.  He is looking for HPC services once a week to assist with managing his responsibilities with maintaining his home. 

09030: 09030-HPC-Level One Waiver

This individual is a 46 year old male who lives in Mentor with his parents who are getting older and cannot assist as much.  He is looking for services to assist him with getting ready for his day program in the morning as well as community activities on the weekend.  He would be looking for 10 hours per week.

09029: 09029-HPC-Level One Waiver

Individual is a 20-year old male who resides with his family in Mentor. Individual will be attending college at Notre Dame in South Euclid beginning in September. Looking for HPC and ATN services in both Mentor and South Euclid locations.

09028: 09028-HPC-Level One Waiver

Individual is a 33-year-old male who resides in Painesville and lives in his family home. Individual is interested in increasing his community inclusion either individually or in a group setting. Individual is very social, fun and enjoys most outings. Individual would benefit from assistance with pedestrian safety, following social boundaries and assistance to manage money. Individual does not have any behavioral issues.

09027: 09027-EAA-IO Waiver

Bathroom Modification for home in Willoughby, Ohio.

09026: 09026-NMT-IO Waiver

NMT to and from her home to Day program in Chardon. NMT 4 days a week (Tuesday-Friday). Individual lives in Madison and attends Brite Day in Chardon.

09025: 09025-HPC-IO Waiver

Individual is a kind and hard-working 65 year old male who enjoys all things Cleveland sports looking for a male HPC provider to attend community outings 1-2 days a week usually weekends. Services can be provided one on one or in groups. Individual is hard of hearing and communicates best through lip reading, using simple phrases or gestures and basic sign language.  

09024: 09024-HPC with Housing-IO Waiver

Female individual that is 21 years old living at Meredith Home ICF in Concord. Individual has been allocated for an Exit Waiver and is looking for an all-female waiver home, preferably Madison/Ashtabula area  She is still in school at this time. Her team is hopeful that she will find a congregate home, graduate school, and participate in a day program/learn vocational skills.

09023: 09023-NMT-Level One Waiver

Individual is a 52 year old man looking for NMT 5 days per week to and from Deepwood Industries Willoughby Branch. He currently lives with mother in Mentor.

09021: 09021-NMT-IO Waiver

Individual is a 33 year old man looking for NMT 2-3 days a week to and from his Mentor day program. He currently lives with family in Madison. Family can be flexible on what days of the week work best.
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