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Remote Supports are a great way to offer individuals more independence in their home while still providing necessary supports by allowing off-site direct service providers to monitor the person’s health, safety and other needs using live communication.  This does not mean that cameras are in the person’s home watching them at all times; rather the individual can choose what types of technology and remote assistance they would like and that would meet their assessed needs. There are a variety of options that make up the remote support service, including but not limited to:

  • Fall detection
  • Motion sensing systems
  • Live video and/or audio feed
  • Web-based monitoring systems
  • Community navigation
  • Cooking safety
  • Medication adherence

Anytime there is a need for in-person assistance, the remote support vendor will call the designated contact to provide back up support to the individual. There are two kinds of back-up support:

  • Paid Backup Support
    • This option is available when an individual has chosen an Agency HPC Provider for services. The Agency provider can provide the remote services themselves if able or can contract with a remote support vendor to provide the service.
  • Unpaid Backup Support
    • This option is available when the individual or guardian directly selects the remote support vendor.

There are many remote support vendors available. Each vendor may have different types of equipment that they utilize for the various remote support options.  To view a list of certified remote support vendors, visit Remote Support Vendors (

Use of remote supports can also provide cost savings, allowing the individual to stretch their waiver dollars which can free up funds for other services.

If you are an individual receiving Waiver services and want to learn more about how remote supports can benefit you, contact Service and Support Administrator. HCBS Waiver Providers who want to learn more about remote supports, contact

Check out these remote support testimonials:

“I love it! I always have someone to talk to and I never have to worry about being alone.” ~ Mike Leske

“I like it because they are there in case I need help and that makes me feel safer.” ~ Sandy Cramlet

“It’s helped me maintain my independence during the night because I do not need staff here monitoring me. There is a sense of safety and security even when staff are not here.”   ~ Jaret Greig

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