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Providers are responsible for many tasks; including but not limited to personal care, medication administration, transportation, documentation, billing, incident reporting, and ongoing training.

The County Board Provider Support department is available to answer questions and to ensure that all Providers are empowered to provide high quality services and supports to all individuals served.

We have a variety of resources and information available to assist you, including;

Access to Provider Portal

You need to access the Provider Portal to view and respond to Request for Providers (RFPs). If you do not have login information and would like to view our portal please contact us at to request access.

Provider/RFP Portal:

Forgot your password? Please contact for a password reset.

DSP of the Month – DSP/Provider Appreciation

The County Board wants to recognize DSPs and Independent Providers that are providing exceptional services throughout Lake County.  For more information regarding our DSP of the Month Recognition Program or to submit a nomination, click here.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Providers of routine Homemaker Personal Care (HPC), Participant Directed Homemaker Personal Care (PD-HPC), and/or IO waiver nursing are required to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).  Information about EVV can be found here.

PDHPC & Morning Sun

For Providers of Participant Directed Homemaker Personal Care (PD-HPC), more information about the service and the role of Morning Sun Financial Management Services can be found in this document: Providing PDHPC to Individuals on the SELF Waiver.

Compliance Reviews

All Providers will have, at minimum, one compliance review during each certification span.  Lake County compliance reviews will be completed by a reviewer from DODD or the North East Ohio Network (NEON).  More information about compliance reviews and what is required can be found here or visit

National Provider Identifier (NPI) Requirement for Waiver Providers

The NPI number is a requirement for all providers. ODM implemented a policy under Administrative Code 5160-1-17 requiring all providers to obtain a National Provider Identifier (NPI) and keep it on file with ODM. Federal law requires that an NPI be used to identify providers on any standard transaction for health care services and since waiver services are paid in part using federal Medicaid funds, you must obtain an NPI. It is separate from your DODD provider number.

Please see below for instructions to apply for your NPI number. There are two sets of instructions (one to create your username/password and the other to complete the application for the NPI number), as well as a document showing the taxonomy codes. Note that you need your Medicaid Provider Number (not your DODD Contract number) when sending the email to Medicaid with your NPI once you receive it.

Creating a Username for NPPES
Applying for an NPI Number
Taxonomy Codes

For more information, email

Forms and Documentation

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Billing and Submitting Claims

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Reporting MUIs

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