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Providers are responsible for many tasks; including but not limited to documentation, billing, incident reporting, and maintaining training.

The County Board Provider Support department is available to answer questions and to ensure that all providers are empowered to provide high quality services and supports to all individuals served.

We have a variety of resources and information available to assist you, including;

Providers of Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) and/or IO waiver nursing are required to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).  Information about EVV can be found here.

All providers will have, at minimum, one compliance review during each certification span.  Lake County compliance reviews will be completed by a reviewer from DODD or the North East Ohio Network (NEON).  More information about compliance reviews and what is required can be found here.

For additional information or assistance, call (440) 350-5123 or email

Forms and Documentation

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Billing and Submitting Claims

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Reporting MUIs

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