On March 11, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine issued an Executive Order that all public, private, and charter schools would be closed to students from March 16 through April 3, 2020.  Governor DeWine’s news conference this afternoon (March 13, 2020) provided further clarification and guidance specifically to reinforce that “education needs to continue”.  He emphasized that School Administration needs to “do everything in their power to keep education going during this time…staff need to stay on and continue instruction.”

Accordingly, at the conclusion of Spring Break (March 16 through March 20), Broadmoor school-age and preschool programs will be closed to students from Monday, March 23 through Friday, April 3, 2020.

Broadmoor staff will report as usual, and with the guidance of Broadmoor Administration, will begin developing on-line/virtual curriculum, lesson plans, and materials in accordance with each student’s IEP.

Parents/guardians will be contacted individually to discuss and set-up the most effective virtual options for their student.

Questions may be addressed to Broadmoor Administration who will be working during Spring Break to communicate with families/guardians and to assure that systems are up and running when staff return to work on March 23.  The direct line to Broadmoor School is 440-602-1000.

LCBDD/Deepwood Administration and Broadmoor Administration will continue to vigilantly monitor any new information and guidance from official sources, and will notify families/guardians of any changes as timely as possible.

Thank you ALL, for your patience and understanding,


Elfie Roman,


Broadmoor Notice_03_13_2020