Family Support Services

We are devoted to making supports available to help people live as they choose; promote health, safety and    welfare; and help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Family Support Services (FSS) is a program intended to help the family/guardian to care for their eligible   family member at home and enhance the quality of life for all members of the family, including the individual with developmental disabilities. Services include:

  • Home modifications, if necessary, to improve the living environment or facilitate care.
  • Purchase or lease of adaptive equipment.
  • Counseling, training and education for family to aid in providing care.
  • Medical expense assistance.
  • Special dietary needs.
  • Respite care — in or out of home.
  • Incontinence supplies (after the age of 3 years).
  • Other services and/or items directly related to improving the living environment in order to facilitate the care of the individual with a developmental disability.

The Lake County Board of DD/Deepwood will fund family requests if:

  • Family is eligible for services.
  • County has funds available.
  • Items and/or services are available.
  • Items and/or services cannot be funded by other sources.
  • Request is consistent with the LCBDD’s annual plan and FSS philosophy

Eligible individuals are those determined to have a developmental disability using the OEDI and living in Lake County with their family. Referrals must be made to the SSA office of the County Board.

Limited funds are available to provide supplies or equipment related to the individual’s disability, or to provide respite care on an annual basis. The allocation available to the family is dependent on the family circumstances. Families/guardians are required to make co-payments based on a sliding scale based on their annual taxable income.


George Callow

NEON FSS contact
5121 Mahoning Ave
Austintown, OH 44515
Fax: 330-793-8284