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A-01 Board Bylaws

A-02 Ethics Council

A-03 Mission and Philosophy

A-04 Powers of Board and Superintendent

A-05 Confidentiality of Persons Served Through Board Programs

Attachment A: Authorization for Release of Information

Attachment B: Notice of Privacy Practices

Attachment C: Statement of Confidentiality

A-06 Informal Concern/Complaint Resolution

A-07 Use of Facilities

Use of Facilities Application

A-08 Role of the Board’s In-House Legal Counsel

A-09 Volunteer Services

A-10 Reporting/Handling of Major Unusual Incidents

A-11 Program Records of Individuals Served by the Board

Authorization to Request and/or Release Information

A-12 Community Outings of Persons Served by the Board

A-13a Respite Care

A-13b Emergency/Crisis Respite Care

A-14 Transportation of Individuals Served by LCBDD/Deepwood

A-15 Individual Plan for Service Delivery

A-18 Informed Consent

Attachment A: Evaluation of Capacity to Provide Informed Consent Form

Attachment B: Evaluation of Capacity to Provide Informed Consent Form

A-19 Use of Drugs to Manage Behavior

A-20 Human Rights Committee

A-21 Behavior Support

A-22 Payment of Board Obligations (Non-Payroll)

A-23 Eligibility for County Board Services

A-24 Establishment of Waiting Lists for County Board Funded Programs and Services

A-25 Inspection of Public Records

A-26 Agency Records Control

A-27 Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Attachment A: Rights of Persons with DD (Easy Read Guide)

Attachment B: Rights of Persons with DD

A-28 Advance Directives

DNR Comfort Care Identification Form

A-29 Input From Those Served

A-30 The Use of Therapeutic Intervention Techniques

Attachment A: Definitions

Attachment B: Modified Restraint Check Sheet

Attachment C: Guidelines for Individual

A-31 Policy and Procedure Feedback

A-32 Comprehensive Agency Planning and Outcome Measurement System

A-33 Code of Ethics for Board Members

A-34 Code of Ethics for Agency Staff

A-35 Rules of Conduct for Board Programs

A-36 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

A-37 Media Relations and Contact

A-38 Prohibition of Weapons on Board Property

A-39 Speaker’s Bureau

A-40 Whistleblower Protection and Corporate Compliance

A-41 Employment First

A-42 Career Planning

A-43 Agency Calendar of Events and Special Events


B-01 Personnel Hiring

B-02 Nepotism

B-04 Staff Development Program

B-05 Use of Agency Property

B-06 Verification of Employment and Requests for References

B-09 Personnel Records

B-10 Drug-Free Workplace

B-11 Employee Workplace Accident, Illness, Occupational Disease Reporting

Employee Accident Injury Report Form

B-12 Background Checks

B-13 Equal Employment Opportunity

B-14 Employment Resignations/Retirements

B-16 Substitute Employee

B-17 Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing

B-19 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment and Other Unlawful Harassment or Discrimination; Reporting and Complaint Procedure

B-20 Smoke-Free Workplace

B-21 Management Layoff

B-22 Computer Hardware, Software and Network Usage

B-23 Computer, Network and Internet Usage

Computer Usage Acknowledgement Form

B-23a Social Networking and Privacy Laws

B-24 Workplace Violence


C-01 Administrative Resolution of Complaints

C-03 Free and Appropriate Public Education

C-05 Social Skills and Human Sexuality

C-06 Establishment of Capacity for County Board Services

C-07 Early Intervention Services

Description of County Board’s Role in the Provision of the Ohio Statewide EI System Components

C-09 Guardianship

C-10 Admission of Homeless Students

C-11 Post-Secondary Career Advising


D-01 Accessibility

D-02 Nondiscrimination:  Generally; in the Provision of Programming; Agency Contracts


E-01 Asset Management

E-03 Habilitation Fund

E-05 Mileage and Travel Reimbursement

E-06 Request and Approval of Purchases/Requisitions

Guidelines to Request and Approval of Purchases/Requisitions

E-07 Donations

E-08 Title XX

E-09 Fee for Service for Eligible Individuals

E-11 False Claims Prevention and Whistleblower Protection

E-12 External Audit and Internal Controls

E-13 Capitalization

E-14 Grant Request Proposal Process

E-15 Residential Community Access Petty Cash Fund


F-01 Health, Exposure Control, Safety and Emergency Evacuation (HECSEE)

F-04 Broadmoor Pool


G-02 Community Residential Programs

G-03 Conflict of Interest with Direct Service Contractors

Attachment A: Compliance with Regulation Affidavit

Attachment B: Compliance with ORC Affidavit

G-05 Family Support Services Program

G-06 Supported Living and Home and Community-Based Waiver Provider List

G-07 Cost of Living Subsidies


H-01 Physical Exam Requirements for Persons Served by the Board

Attachment A: Nursing Services Physical Examination Form

H-02 Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization (EMTA) and Authorization to Administer Medication

H-03 Medication Administration and Performance of Health Related Activities and Tube Feedings

Attachment 1: Medication Administration

Attachment 2: Nursing Services Residential Self Med Assessment

H-04 Emergency Medical Treatment/Intervention and DNR

DNR Comfort Care Wallet Card

DNR Comfort Care Identification Form


I-01 Recreation Services

I-02 Recreation Expense Fund

I-03 Special Olympics

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