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Early intervention is key to assessing, identifying and assisting with developmental disabilities. Children from birth to 3 years who have been diagnosed with a disability and/or a developmental delay who live in Lake County may be eligible for Early Intervention (EI) services by the County Board. As a provider for the Ohio Statewide EI System, the focus of EI is to assist the family in meeting the unique needs of their child.

Services are provided by teaming and coaching in everyday routines in a natural environment (in the home or a community setting) to assist with learning application. Such services include child and family support from certified Developmental Specialists, as well as therapy provided by licensed professional Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapists.

Services are based on child and family needs identified through an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) for children from birth to 3 years. Parents, teachers, specialists and therapists work together as a team to help young children who have delays in cognitive, physical, communication, social and/or emotional development. Parents bring important insight to the educational environment on how to work more effectively with their child and Developmental Specialists teach family members what they can do at home to enhance their child’s development and learning.

If you have a question or concern about your child’s development, contact the Ohio Statewide EI System at 800-755-GROW (4769) or visit

For more information about Broadmoor School’s Early Intervention Program, call 440-602-1010 or email

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