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One important decision that the Service and Support Administration (SSA) team can help you with is choosing a service provider. Your SSA can guide you through the number of service options available in Lake County. However, SSAs are not able to suggest one provider over another. YOU are the ultimate and final decision maker.

Your SSA can help navigate the provider selection process. Individuals and caregivers have the right to choose any willing and qualified provider of home and community-based services.

Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood is proud to provide a variety of services and opportunities while continually improving and enhancing the quality of those services.

A list of providers meeting those standards will be maintained on the website for individuals and families to references when choosing providers for services.

Reference Materials:

Anatoliy - Adult Services - T&D Fabricating
Charlie - Adult Services - Housekeeping
Doug - The Josef And Christine Roman (JCR) Imagine Program
Adult Services - Community Employment Services
Adult Services - Work Programs
Kourtaney Collins - Adult Services
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