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House Bill 169 was the landmark legislation that mandated each Ohio County to establish a Board of Developmental Disabilities to administer programs and services for its citizens with developmental disabilities. Prior to this mandate, developmental disability services in Ohio were scattered and often available only at distant locations or in segregated settings.

Lake County, however, through the tireless advocacy of families, neighbors, community and political leaders, established local programs and services a full decade before mandated by state law. From the 1950s/early 1960s, and the inception of programs in church basements, vacant community space, or family homes and with the strong support of an inclusive Lake County community, the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood has offered a broad scope of multifaceted, community-inclusive services and supports for thousands of Lake County citizens with developmental disabilities and of all ages.

In the ever-changing landscape of federal and State regulations and mandates, the LCBDD’s overriding mission remains constant: to offer Lake County citizens with the highest-quality, most-inclusive, collaborative, and person-centered services and supports available within our resources. The LCBDD/Deepwood appreciates the individuals we serve, their families, staff, volunteers, collaborative partners, community organizations, and Lake County citizens for their ongoing support in fulfillment of our mission.

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Anatoliy - Adult Services - T&D Fabricating
Charlie - Adult Services - Housekeeping
Doug - The Josef And Christine Roman (JCR) Imagine Program
Adult Services - Community Employment Services
Adult Services - Work Programs
Kourtaney Collins - Adult Services
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