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The Broadmoor Integrated Preschool Program offers classes for children with developmental disabilities and children with typical development. Learning in an integrated classroom provides many advantages for students.

At its core, integrated classrooms foster inclusion and friendship, as well as an appreciation for a variety of learning methods. For typically developing students, the classroom setting teaches leadership; while students with disabilities benefit from increased social connectedness and peer support.

Any child from ages 3 – 5 years who has a developmental disability and whose family resides in Lake County is eligible to attend Broadmoor’s Preschool Program by request from their local school district. Children with disabilities receive Preschool Special Education services as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

We’re proud to share that Broadmoor’s Integrated Preschool Program has been rated 5 Stars in Step Up to Quality by the Ohio Department of Education.

Services are offered to children who have been identified through a Multi-Factored Evaluation (through the local school districts) as having a documented deficit in one or more of the following areas: communication, vision, hearing, motor skills, social emotional and behavioral functioning, self-help skills and/or cognitive skills. Therapists work in the classrooms with children and utilize play-based instruction, adaptive physical education and swimming.

Typically developing preschool students can enroll in Broadmoor’s Integrated Program by contacting Broadmoor School and paying a minimal tuition fee.

For the convenience of the families and students we serve, a Daycare Program is available. For more details, call 440-602-1035.

For more information about Broadmoor School’s Preschool Program, call 440-602-1010 or email

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