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Important update regarding Broadmoor School-age and Preschool Programs 04-22-2020

Broadmoor School-age  and Preschool Programs

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update 04-22-2020
On April 20, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine issued an Executive Order that all public, private, and charter schools would be closed to students for the rest of the academic year to limit students exposure to COVID 19. Governor DeWine’s news conference on April 20, 2020 Governor Mike DeWine stated ‘that the continued closure affects all K-12 schools, including those operated by county boards of DD. ’

Broadmoor staff will continue to work remotely, with the guidance of Broadmoor Administration, and will continue to post on-line virtual curriculum, lesson plans and materials in accordance with each student’s IEP. The administration is working on alternatives for important end of year experiences and activities. Announcements will be communicated with students and families once arrangements have been made.

Questions may be addressed to Broadmoor Administration who will continue to be available to communicate with families/guardians and to assure that student needs are being met within the available resources and safest methods possible. The direct line to Broadmoor School is 440-602-1000.

LCBDD/Deepwood Administration and Broadmoor Administration will continue to vigi-lantly monitor any new information and guidance from official sources, and will notify families/guardians of any changes as timely as possible.
Thank you ALL, for your patience and understanding,
Elfie Roman,

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