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Early Intervention Makes a Difference for Silas

At times, parents might struggle with how to navigate the complex and emotionally challenging process of helping their child when he/she is suspect of having a developmental delay. Developmental Specialists at the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood’s Broadmoor School are here to support families by identifying services, resources and therapies needed for Early Intervention (EI). Lauren Wheatley, mother of Silas, shared her story with us recently.

“Diagnosed a few weeks after birth with torticollis, Silas struggled early on with simple tasks, especially feeding. He would only eat with his head in a very awkward position that made swallowing difficult and was struggling to gain weight. Within a couple weeks of beginning sessions with EI Occupational Therapist Kathy Donoho, we saw remarkable improvements in his feeding, and he began to gain weight again. Since then, we have worked on stretching and strengthening his weaker side. Now, at 11 months old, he is thriving! We could not be more grateful for the County Board’s Broadmoor School Early Intervention Program!”

We’re glad to hear that Silas is doing well! Learn more about our EI Program and feel free to contact us at 440-602-1010 with any questions.

Early Intervention Services made a difference for Silas and his family.

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