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Chandler is Communicating Better Than Ever

It’s uplifting to hear parents say that Broadmoor School’s Early Intervention program has made a notable difference in their family’s life. We heard from Diane and Brandon about the benefits of early intervention for their son Chandler Beatty.

“Broadmoor’s program has helped us figure out new ways to improve on different learning techniques with our two-year-old son Chandler and ways to use crafts and outings to get him to be more expressive,” said Brandon Beatty, Chandler’s dad.

Melissa, a Developmental Specialist at the LCBDD/Deepwood Broadmoor School’s Early Intervention Program, actively uses evidence-based practices and applies what is in a child’s environment as part of the intervention sessions. 

Chandler has two older sisters, Jordon (age 10) and Olivia (age 8), as well as a one year old brother, Theodore. Chandler’s parents like to do trips to different placed with their children and also like to do crafts and enjoy local events. Early intervention helped Chandler to better participate and express his thoughts with his family.

Chandler is talking more over all and is saying more complete words and phrases,” added Brandon. “He also gives us better/clearer answers when we ask him questions, whether it’s a yes or no, or actually naming things that he wants. His ability to share information has improved. He also takes more turns and things of that nature.”

We’re so happy that Chandler is making such great progress and that his family shared their perspective to communicate the importance of early intervention. Keep up the good work Chandler!

If you are a parent of a child under the age of 3 who has or is suspect of having a developmental disability, Ohio has a program designed specifically for you. Here are 5 things you need to know about Early Intervention

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