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Cayden is On The Move!

It’s such a delight when we can share early intervention (EI) success stories! Let’s hear from Cayden’s mother, Joelle, about their journey and the interactions with Early Intervention Physical Therapist Jill Faber which helped Cayden reach his goals.

“We are so thankful for early intervention! Cayden started with Miss Jill when he was seven months old. I noticed pretty early on that he was struggling with core strength. When it was time for him to learn to sit up, he couldn’t seem to keep his balance. Miss Jill worked with us so well, especially during the pandemic when everything had to be virtual. She even noticed that Cayden was leaning his head to the side and helped us correct that through stretches. Cayden is now walking, climbing up and down everything, and loves to move! We are so thankful for the help we have received. It has made SUCH a difference.” 

Kudos to Cayden for making such great progress, and to his family’s commitment to seeking early intervention supports!

Learn more about the LCBDD’s Broadmoor School Programs and Early Intervention supports by visiting or call 440-602-1000.

Cayden benefits from early intervention services at Broadmoor School in Lake County, Ohio.
Cayden is on the move!
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