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Richie’s Vocabulary is Enriched with EI

Early Intervention (EI) supports facilitate helping children reach milestones. Let’s hear from Richie’s mother, Lauren, about their journey and the benefits of partnering with Early Intervention Speech Therapist Shirley Pallaise.

“When Richie first starting working with LCBDD/Broadmoor School’s Early Intervention Speech Therapist, he was only saying a handful of words, and was unable to form phrases. Fast forward to ten months later, Richie’s vocabulary has grown immensely and he now says 3+ word phrases!”

“In the beginning, he often threw tantrums because he was trying to “tell us” what he wanted, but was unable to actually do so due to a lack of vocabulary. Working with EI has helped Richie have less tantrums and learn how to communicate his needs and wants. Less tantrums means not only a happy Richie, but also happier mom and dad!”

Learn more about the LCBDD’s Broadmoor School Programs and Early Intervention supports by visiting or call 440-602-1000.

We are proud of you Richie!
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