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Emery Thrives with EI Resources

Emery started with Crossroads Health and Early Intervention (EI) in 2020 because she had a developmental delay. Emery’s mom, Lauren, shared with us that it was one of the best decisions they have ever made. Read below to learn more about her journey …

“Emery is about to turn three years old and EI helped us with the transition to full-time Preschool with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Broadmoor School’s Developmental Specialist Melissa Robinette always went above and beyond to help with all of Emery’s speech, social, and occupational needs. She always made it a priority to get to know all of us and gave the best tips to help Emery succeed. Melissa also told us about their “My Toddler & Me” program. Emery and I would go together every other Tuesday and she got to play and socialize with other children her age in a classroom setting with Karen Roth (her Early Childhood Prevention Specialist) and Brittany Berkley (her Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist). They were so great with Emery and I believe this program really helped prepare her for Preschool. After Emery was diagnosed with Autism this year, Crossroads Health/Early Intervention really focused in on what could help her individual needs. We speak very highly of the program and the wonderful services we received. Emery has come so far and we are so very proud of her everyday!

We are so proud of Emery and everyone involved in her journey! To learn more about EI services, please visit

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