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Luca’s Team of Support Works SIDEbySIDE

Luca’s story is one of how a team working side by side can make a tremendous difference in a child’s development and progress. Let’s hear from Amanda, Luca’s mom, to learn more about their story and the role of Early Intervention …

We started services for Early Intervention (EI) when Luca was about six months old. Almost two years later, the growth and development that EI has supported us through is truly priceless. We have worked with our Occupational Therapist Kathy for feeding and eating strategies, fine and gross motor skill development, learning through play tactics, and now some speech therapy.

As new parents, we now have a whole “Luca team” behind us, who all have the same mission; to help teach us how to guide our son to further grow and develop. He continues to amaze us with all he continues to learn. We are forever grateful for the continuing support that EI can provide families!”

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