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Small, But Mighty Charlee!

Charlee’s story shows how perseverance and collaboration with Early Intervention Services can be a guiding light. Let’s hear from Corrie, Charlee’s mom, to learn more about their story …

We are so extremely grateful for all of the support and guidance that we have received for Charlee through Early Intervention. They opened our eyes to strategies and resources that have helped Charlee grow and develop. They have been a guiding light for our family! To say THANK YOU is not enough!

“Charlee came into the world with a BANG! She was born early at 28 weeks a day before the world was hit with a global pandemic. It was an absolute miracle she survived from losing oxygen in the womb as her mom’s umbilical cord detached from the placenta slowly for almost a whole day. Charlee was born with many premature challenges, but she persevered and all of the nurses and doctors said that Charlee is small, but mighty! After coming home from spending 3 months in the NICU, that same evening Charlee stopped breathing from choking. Luckily, mom and dad knew what to do, but Charlee still didn’t seem okay. She spent another week in the hospital and it was determined that she had premature reflux and a milk allergy.  After finally coming home, we got involved in Early Intervention because we knew we didn’t want her to get behind being born premature. From Charlee’s therapist to all the staff at Early Intervention we felt welcome and a place where every question we had was a good one! Charlee now is so excited to see her therapist and she has made a great connection with our family. With the help of Early Intervention, we worked though many different ways to help Charlee grow through all of her challenges being small and she has made so much progress developmentally! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we would recommend this resource to anyone in a heartbeat!

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