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Siblings Make Progress Thanks to Early Intervention

Amy’s Aunt Becci (her guardian) shares how Early Intervention Services helps Amy meet key milestones. Early Intervention is also helping Amy’s brother David too! Learn more about their story …

Amy came to live with us in December 2019. She had several medical and developmental issues. Amy’s pediatrician referred us to early intervention for her development delays. Early Intervention started working with Amy in April 2020. EI Occupational Therapist Kathy Donoho has been working with Amy for more than two years. In this timeframe, Amy has had eye surgery and has been diagnosed with 16p13.11 micro duplication syndrome and MBD5. Amy has had a good attitude with all the specialists and procedures and has made amazing progress in achieving her milestones with the Early Intervention loving and talented team!

We were able to reunite Amy and her brother David together. David came to live with us in January 2021. He has been tested and was diagnosed with MDB5. He has developmental issues, like speech and sleep difficulties and even with eating. So, of course, we got the EI team to help and give him occupational, speech, and even physical therapy. Early Intervention started working with David around March 2021. He is starting to make excellent progress! 

Thank you to all the therapists for helping us understand how to care for the children with a genetic disorder! Early Intervention has prepared David and Amy for their next journey.

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