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Pathways to Careers Benefits Businesses, Individual with Developmental Disabilities, and our Community

Do you want to learn more about the Pathways to Careers – Improving Post-Secondary Education Options for Students with Developmental Disabilities grant? Click here to listen to the podcast facilitated by Ohio Means Jobs Lake County and discover the history and purpose behind the grant, the types of in-demand fields that students can choose from, as well as some of the nationally recognized credentials that are being offered with these grant funds.

You’ll hear about the collaborative efforts that are underway to fully leverage this grant opportunity and the additional supports that can be offered to students to help meet their specific needs.

The first step is the Pathways to Careers Open House at Auburn Career Center on March 2 from 4:00 – 6:30 pm for individuals who have developmental disabilities to learn more about post-secondary education options, as well as for businesses to learn ways to enhance their workforce. Stay connected to learn more about this amazing collaboration in our community, as well as additional open houses and classes.

Thank you to all involved to make this a reality!

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