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Careers At LCBDD
Careers At LCBDD
Careers - Bus Driver
Bruce With Staff

Thank you for your interest in joining our Agency and desire to be part of a team whose mission is to EMPOWER individuals with developmental disabilities to ENGAGE in activities that ENRICH their lives and contribute to their community. Our work environment is one of inclusivity and celebrating the differences of others—this includes the individuals we serve and all of our team members.

Your skills are valuable and we know that you could apply them in various roles at other companies or organizations. Working at our County Board allows you to put your skills to good use in a job with purpose—one which allows you to make a positive difference in the lives of others, as well as your own.

We offer various positions as substitute, part time and full time opportunities. We frequently hire for a number of roles in substitute positions. Entering our Agency in a substitute position can evolve into a part time or full time role. We often see employees join in a part time status and then enter into a full time position. Given that we have a variety of jobs and program areas across our Agency, it’s advantageous for employees as they can choose to transfer from one area of the Agency to another. To learn more about open jobs, please select from the job categories below. To apply, please click here or copy/past in your internet browser.

If you’re not interested in obtaining employment, but want to volunteer your time, please visit our Volunteer Services. A number of people have joined our Agency after participating as a volunteer at one of our program areas, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you enjoy volunteering so much that it leads to a job of interest at a later date!

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