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Chris - Work Programs - Abanaki Motors
Chris - Work Programs - Abanaki Motors
Willoughby Branch Offers Community Vocational Options
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The Willoughby Branch offers a community vocational option for adults over the age of 16 years who have developmental disabilities and choose to work. Our goal is to improve work skills and foster a path to employment, as well as further develop work interests, experiences and community involvement.

There are a variety of services and activities for individuals with developmental disabilities who work at the Willoughby Branch:

  • Individuals work and/or receive work training services in accordance with their person centered plan.
  • Work exposure and experiences are provided in the community by Community Integration Professionals and support staff.
  • Individuals may choose to participate in various volunteer experiences, depending on their preferences, such as food banks, libraries and community events.
  • Individuals may also develop new interests by exploring a variety of groups, clubs and services, such as book club, computer literacy group, music therapy and others.

All individuals who perform work services at Willoughby Branch are employees of Deepwood Industries and receive payment for work completed.

For more information, call Adult Services at 440-269-2180 or email

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